Friday, February 21, 2020

Video Conferencing For Thronton's Training Department Research Proposal

Video Conferencing For Thronton's Training Department - Research Proposal Example Overall, it is estimated over 11 million business meeting occurring on a daily basis (Verizon, 1999). However, similar study in 2003 indicated that the majority of face-to-face meeting participants believe that meetings are a waste of time (Verizon, 2003). This situation reveals two organizational problems. First, the amount of time that people spend in meetings makes it difficult for them to participate in most of them. Second, it can be difficult to remember what was said or accomplished in each one. These problems arise primarily from how participants attend meetings and how archives of meetings are created for later remembering and information retrieval. As participants are frequently traveling to attend face-to-face meetings, the cost-benefit ratio of attending meetings is also soaring. This in turn gives rise to a feeling of â€Å"wasted time.† Similar situation when too much time, efforts and finances are spent ineffectively occurs with corporate training of personnel at Thronton’s company. Practically, for Thronton’s company yearly cost of corporate personnel training exceeds a million dollars due to traveling and accommodation expenses for hundreds managers. Global trainers are brought to Thronton’s training center in Kentucky two times per year to ensure that qualifications of company’s employees are current and adequately correspond to Thronton’s business needs. The training and development at Thronton’s is conducted in the several areas that are critical for any type of business, particularly: In addressing the need to provide wider access to professional development and offer a more flexible form of training, Thronton’s company should develop a three-year training and development strategy addressed entirely through videoconferencing technology, particularly desktop video conference (DVC) as a main method on delivering

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