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Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman Essay - 1386 Words

â€Å"The present and the past coexist, but the past shouldnt be in flashback† -Alain Resnais. The play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller follows the life of a man named Willy Loman, and his family life with his two sons; Biff and Happy Loman, and wife, Linda Loman. Throughout the play, Willy has delusional episodes of past events in life, which he believes he is reliving, and these flashbacks are providing him an escape from dealing with the obstacles he is facing in life. The reader discovers that Willy is having an affair with a mistress titled The Woman, and he retreats to memories of their time together for an ego boost, though in reality he is arguing with his sons. Willy has an encounter with his brother Ben at the same time that†¦show more content†¦He leaves his sons and escapes to the restaurant washroom where his delusion continues. This scene shows how these fantasies in Willy’s mind take over his sense of reality and he cannot maintain the norma l habits expected of a sixty year old man. The Woman fuels Willy’s superciliousness with her admiration and attention: †¦ I’ve been sitting at that desk watching all the salesmen go by, day in, day out. But you’ve got such a sense of humor†¦ you do make me laugh†¦ you’re a wonderful man†¦ you’re so sweet. And such a kidder. (Miller 38-39) Previous to his encounter with the woman, Willy is feeling low about himself during a conversation with Linda, â€Å"I’m fat. I’m very - foolish to look at†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (Miller 37). The flashbacks with the woman come at times when Willy is feeling unsatisfactory. She gives him the surge of self-confidence. Charley, a neighbour to the Loman family, enters into the Lomans’ kitchen to check to see if Willy was alright after hearing shouts. Charley offers Willy a job out of pity for Willy, which Willy refuses then proceeds to play cards with Charley. During their conversation, Ben begins to appear to Willy, though Ben had died weeks prior: BEN: Is Mother living with you? WILLY: No, she died a long time ago. CHARLEY: Who? BEN: That’s too bad. Fine specimen of a lady, Mother. WILLY, to Charley: Heh? BEN: I hoped to see the old girl. CHARLEY: Who died? BEN: Heard anything from Father, have you?Show MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Arthur Millers Death Of Salesman 1548 Words   |  7 Pages Research paper on death of salesman Arthur Miller created stories that express the deepest meanings of struggle. Miller is the most prominent twentieth-century American playwrights. He based his works on his own life, and his observations of the American scene. Arthur Asher Miller was born 17 October 1915 in Manhattan, New York city. He was the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland. His parents had a prosperous clothing company. Unfortunately when the stock market crashed, because his familyRead MoreArthur Millers Death of a Salesman Essay904 Words   |  4 PagesArthur Millers Death of a Salesman Arthur Millers play, Death of a Salesman contains many themes of success and failure. They include the apartment buildings, the rubber hose, Willys brother Ben, the tape recorder, and the seeds for the garden. These symbols represent Willys attempts to be successful and his impending failure. In the start Willy and Linda moved to a home in Brooklyn, as it at the time seemedRead MoreMarxism In Arthur Millers Death Of A Salesman1465 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, Willy Lowman sought to attain the American Dream, but his distorted view of Marxist control ultimately provoked his physical, material, and mental destruction. Lowman, a middle-class salesman, husband, and father of two shared the ideology of many American’s, an ideology that hard work, dedication, and likeability was attainable regardless of social class, or life circumstances. Yet, the multiple distortions Willy associated with this dream combinedRead MoreAnalysis Of Arthur Millers Death Of Salesman 1611 Words   |  7 PagesResearch paper on death of salesman Arthur Miller created stories that express the deepest meanings of struggle. Miller is the most prominent twentieth-century American playwrights. He based his works on his own life, and his observations of the American scene. Arthur Asher Miller was born 17 October 1915 in Manhattan, New York city. He was the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland. His parents had a prosperous clothing company. Unfortunately when the stock market crashed, because his familyRead MoreThe Theme Of Death In Arthur Millers Death Of A Salesman1064 Words   |  5 PagesDeath is often seen as a scary and dreadful reality that everybody must face. Suicide is perceived as selfish and cold-hearted by many. What about somebody who commits suicide for the greater good? This harsh actuality is depicted in the play â€Å"Death of a Salesman† by Arthur Miller. Miller overcame loss and devastation and created a heartfelt collection of literature that became iconic. â€Å"Death of a Salesman† unve ils the unfortunate reality that many households experience of chaos disrupting harmonyRead MoreSymbolism In Arthur Millers Death Of A Salesman1783 Words   |  8 PagesEdison believes individuals cannot cheat the process of success to get to the top, they must work for it. In the play, Death of a Salesman, the author, Arthur Miller, uses the narrative techniques of imagery, motifs, and symbolism to show how success and social acceptance can be deceptive for Willy Loman and his family. Willy Loman is a troubled, self-defrauding travelling salesman. He genuinely believes in the American Dream of easy success and prosperous wealth, but he cannot achieve it. NeitherRead More Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman Essay2019 Words   |  9 PagesArthur Millers Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman was written after the second World War while the American economy was booming. Society was becoming very materialistic, and the idea that anyone could â€Å"make it† in America was popular. These societal beliefs play a large part in Death of a Salesman, a play in which the main character, Willy Loman, spends a lifetime chasing after the American Dream. Willy was sold on the wrong dream. He was enamored with aRead MoreAnalysis of Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman1581 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Arthur Millers play Death of a Salesman was a hit nearly from its debut, and its importance to American literature and theater has not diminished in the over half a century since its first performance in 1949. However, the specific areas of the play that have most intrigued critics have changed over time, as different historical, social, and literary concerns lead critics to come up with different interpretations. By analyzing three different critical responses to Death of a Salesman, it will beRead MoreSymbolism In Arthur Millers Death Of A Salesman717 Words   |  3 PagesArthur Miller’s â€Å"Death of a Salesman† takes place in New York City in the late 1940’s. This play chronicles the life of Willy Loman, who often reflects upon his life and the decisions he has made. Miller characterizes Willy as guilt-stricke n by his decisions and driven for his children to achieve wealth and success through the use of symbolism, idioms, and similes. Miller uses symbolism to develop dimensions of Willy’s character. During one of his flashbacks, Willy remembers his affair with a womanRead MoreEssay on Symbolism in Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman1197 Words   |  5 PagesSymbolism in Arthur Millers Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller’s play, Death of a Salesman is wrought with symbolism from the opening scene. Many symbols illustrate the themes of success and failure. They include the apartment buildings, the rubber hose, Willy’s brother Ben, the tape recorder, and the seeds for the garden. These symbols represent Willy’s attempts to be successful and his impending failure. When Willy and Linda purchased their home in Brooklyn, it

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Analysis Of Robert Epperson s Seinfeld And The Moral Life

Introduction One of the most common criticisms of Seinfeld is that the characters and writing of the show are amoral . These critics may point to episodes like â€Å"The Marine Biologist,† where Jerry and George a purposefully lie to a woman about George’s career so that George may have a chance of sleeping with her. On one hand it’s tempting to dismiss these critics as nitpicking or misconstruing comic content, but on the other hand I feel that their claims are misguided. In fact, I have observed that there are in fact many ethical themes in Seinfeld, and I am certainly not alone in that observation. That observation is the crux of Robert Epperson’s article â€Å"Seinfeld and the Moral Life,† compiled in the 2000 book, Seinfeld and Philosophy. Epperson argues, as I will throughout the essay, that, â€Å"Seinfeld is largely about characters attempting to live a moral life.† This view has particularly informed this essay in that I feel that not only is t he show largely about its characters attempting to pinpoint and act upon morally correct actions, but that each character has a unique philosophical moral system. As my example, I will demonstrate that Jerry acts with a particularly duty bound ethical system, which I describe as being deontological in nature, which appears to be influenced by the moral philosophy of Immanuel Kant in particular. Jerry, throughout the series, acts in a way that could be described as utilizing a somewhat inconsistent, but generally deontological ethical

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Reflection Paper On Painting - 1285 Words

Before you even starting painting you have to decided what type of material you will be painting on. In modern days you will most likely land on paper as the material you choose to paint on. After choosing to paint on paper you should decide on what type of paint to use. The artist’s painting, I am looking at choose to uses watercolor paints on a watercolor paper. Apparently watercolor paper is made with linters or cotton rags unlike how printer paper is made. Cotton rags are supposedly stronger than wood fibers or linters, as a result the paper is relatively strong. An additional advantage to using cotton rages is it makes the paper flexible, therefor less likely to rip. If you use older pieces of cotton rages you would be recycling,†¦show more content†¦It is used in the grass, tree leaves, and even the house. In the grass texture it is used to make the grass look more realistic. When you look at grass in regular life, it seems to have a texture, and we perceive tha t as being natural. So, if you draw grass without a little bit of texture you would most likely see the grass as less natural looking. This artist probably realizes to some degree that without texture his drawings wouldn’t look nearly as realistic. In the trees he also used texture to make them seem more realistic. Another group of components that the artist used to achieve their desired look for the painting is called visual principles. The visual principles evident in this painting include unity, proportion, and balance. Unity is where everything comes together as a whole to make one image. Everything looks to be in harmony with each other. The different values of green gave the painting a certain type of harmony, but I also believe that it gave a certain type of unity. Using the color green all around the painting helps to connect one part of painting to the other. Next, the painting uses proportion with the fence and the house. How proportion is used is the fence is smaller than the house, which looks more normal than the fence and the house being the same size. Balanced is also used in this painting of the house. On the right side of the painting is this largeShow MoreRelatedWhen my wife and I first arrived at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville (MOCA) I800 Words   |  4 Pageswhat to expect. I had been to the Cummer Museum, but never here and I wasnt sure what to expect or what piece of art I was going to write my paper on. I thought I might want to do my paper on a sculpture because I tend to like that kind of art, but I wasnt sure. I figured we would walk around and whatever spoke to me the loudest would be what I wrote my paper on. I hadnt expected to be spoken too so frequently and so loudly and by some my different art forms so after forty-five minutes I was no closersRead MoreManet at the Bar1216 Words   |  5 PagesKevi n Chapman ARTH 2720-001 Term Paper December 5, 2012 Manet and The Bar Edouard Manet’s painting A Bar at the Folies-Bergere, was completed in 1882 and is considered his last great painting. He displayed it at the Paris Salon just one year before his passing. This painting as vexed art historians throughout the years for its complex visual subject matter and leaves Manets true interpretation of his painting in the air for discussion. Although there are many interpretations, A Bar at the Folies-BergereRead MoreReflection Paper On The Humanities Field1071 Words   |  5 Pages Over the course of this semester each paper that was written helped to introduce me and my fellow classmates to different formatting, and genres of writing. A lot of knowledge was gained from writing these papers and I was able to compare and contrast the disciplinary writings and notice what makes each of them stand out. Reflecting back on these individual papers helps to express what I have learned. The first paper that was written was the humanities essay. The humanities essay helped to provideRead MoreEssay On Self Reflection958 Words   |  4 PagesPractitioners Statement 2 Unrelated Pieces First piece: Blissful soul Once this course had commenced, I came up with the idea of painting a person’s reflection to represent the theme of self-image. Throughout the process of experimenting with different types of paint, I decided to work closely with watercolour as it was a media that I found enjoyable. I aimed for an experience where I developed the knowledge of working with watercolour, which became more realistic through researching the artistsRead MoreDuy Huynh’S Work Has Inspired People For Years And Is Known1281 Words   |  6 Pagesinvites the viewer to create their own storyline. There is one painting from his collections that stood out to me more than any other painting he did, it was called Evening Echos. Evening Echoes painting contains hidden meanings within the artwork to enhance the overall experience for the person viewing the painting. His purpose for this painting to show the viewer the story behind the women in the painting. Evening Echos is a painting of a girl with a trumpet standing up with her eyes closed.Read MoreA Sunday On La Grande Jatte754 Words   |  4 Pagesfirst was a cheery painting of a late summer day in a park (my 3rd grader’s brain did not yet identify Seurat’s â€Å"A Sunday on La Grande Jatte†); the second was a painting of dainty ballerinas in lavish pink tutus gracefully practicing for a ballet (Degas, once again, at the time, was beyond my scope); lastly, was a vibrant sight of a brusque man leaving a sandy shoreline carrying a crate made of wood containing a mermaid. I still don’t know who the artist is, or the name of the painting, but back thenRead MoreMy Love for Painting788 Words   |  3 Pagesdate My Love for Painting I suppose that my love painting originates with and is strongly connected to the love of my father, who was also a painter. Painting is a feast for the senses. Surely, the most obvious is that the infinite shades of colors of paints are stimulating. There is much to painting than the colors. There are numerous types and shapes of brushes that have and generate a spectrum of textures in painting. The most dynamic and most mysterious aspect of painting is the creative processRead MoreMotif Of Memento Mori1404 Words   |  6 Pagesthat you have to die.[1] It’s the medieval Latin Christian theory and practice of reflection on mortality, especially as a means of considering the vanity of earthly life and the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits. [2] In art, memento mori are artistic or symbolic reminders of mortality.[3] For example, the ‘Danse Macabre’, also known as the Dance of Death is as artist genre in the medium of paintings, frescoes and even in the musical settings closely related to the Memento mori motifRead MoreMusuem Paper801 Words   |  4 PagesMuseum Paper #2 The two works of art that I have chosen for this paper are The Lacemaker by Nicolaes Maes and Young Women Drawing by Marie-Denise Villers. Each painting that I have analyzed displayed a different subject matter and showed the importance of what the artist wanted to represent in his paintings. How they wanted us to see the values and the attributions being depicted in their work. What it meant for them and how it held such a great significance. The Lacemaker was painted in 1656-1657Read MoreYolo1583 Words   |  7 Pagesdeeper understanding of and appreciation for the value of literature in reflecting simultaneously the distinct cultures of different races and their universal characteristics thereby fostering a sense of solidarity amidst diversity. 10. write a term paper of five pages analyzing one literary text. III. Course Outline Course Objective 6 Learning Outcomes Write a flowchart on the two divisions of literature. Express ones interest in studying literature. Analyze themes identify the significant human

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Sustainable Cocoa Production Shortage

Question: Discuss about the Sustainable Cocoa Production Shortage. Answer: Introduction The topic of world cocoa shortage is making headlines, alarming the chocolate lovers as well as the chocolate business owners. The growth of chocolate is constantly declining and this is worrying the cocoa farmers and the business companies who deal with chocolate. From Peru, Mexico, Brazil to Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia and Malaysia, this crisis is faced by every country. Taking this alarming fact into account, the cocoa farmers are trying their best to tackle the situation. Apart from the farmers, business owners are now taking the advice and suggestions of the scientists, as they believe science can resolve the issue by finding some alternative, a potential substitute of cocoa. Thus, the chief objective of the assignment is to present an article concerning the various internal and external factors which are responsible for the shortage of cocoa growth. With the help of the assignment, it will be possible to assess the steps which can be taken to counteract this situation in an effec tive manner. PESTLE analysis on World Cocoa Shortage The PESTLE analysis is conducted in order to know the various external factors due to which the production of cocoa has considerably declined. Political: Political factors indicates that certain rules and regulation needs to be maintained by the Hershey company concerning the place where it is conducting its business. For example, the company has to oblige to the norms and the regulations made by the Dominican Republic, if the company wishes to import cocoa from this region. Mexico, on the other hand, is suffering from excessive drug dealing which is affecting the present generation of the company (PICK et al. 2015, p.204). As a result, the strict law needs to be followed in trading and business, however, this has put the company in a fix as the rules of trading often get very harsh and problematic. As a result, the company faces trouble to do business with this region. Economical: The problem of the poor economy is really a cause of concern which acts as one of the reasons leading to a shortage of cocoa growth. Taking the case of Dominican Republic, lack of strong economy leads to low productivity, the opportunity of farmers to get professional training for cocoa farming is not present, affecting the production rate. The condition of Ghana and Nigeria in terms of economy is quite deplorable, which is affecting the cocoa production rate of these regions. Another crucial factor, in Ghana the money earned by farmers is meagre, negligible compared to the amount of labour they give, leading to loss of farming in the process (Harris, 2016, p.10). Social: In many places such as Dominican Republican, lack of proper labour is visible, however in spite of this, women employment is still not encouraged in many areas. It is as if it is the custom of that women should not work even when they are perfectly able to walk. The good news is that, in the contemporary times, women section of the population are encouraged to do work. In spite of this positive scenario, they still need to go a long way, such as they need to have education in order to have the necessary idea of farming cocoa (Horne, 2015, p.6). Technological: This factor looks at the development aspect in terms of possessing improved technologies. In many places, technologies are not properly used, or rather many workers do not know usage and advantage of technology. Brazil, for instance, has reported a visible fall in its production due to its inconsistent climatic condition. The country does not have the knowledge or scope of proper technology which 0can enable them to protect and increase their rate of cocoa production (Lebailly and Ahouissou, 2015, p.390). Legal: Various policies often act as barriers to effective production. Prices of chocolate beans are soaring high; on the other hand, no policy is made concerning the well-being of farmers of cocoa production, affecting the company as well as the poor farmers (Ouya, 2014, p.29). Environmental: This factor has become one of the major reason for the cocoa shortage. Due to excessive drought, rainfall, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Nigeria, Peru, Mexico are losing much of their cocoa productivity. The climate has become unsuitable for cocoa production in many places which need to be considered. The company need to take help from science and farmers as well to tackle this problem (Stuart, 2015, p.55). Porter's five force analysis of Hershey's chocolate production: On being subjected to analysis of Hershey chocolate company it can be necessarily found that various determining factors encompassing the internal and external forces are conducted. Being a member of the commission of Hershey it is the responsibility to assess the growing problem of shortage in a development of cocoa in the world which can be identified through the application of the Porters five forces analysis. This is considered as one of the most effective methods to assess the areas that can significantly contribute towards the problem identified in the present scenario. The world is faced with the global issue of having the shortage in cocoa production throughout the world (Brew, 2014, p.23). The reasons working behind them can be effectively analysed through analysing the forces working upon one of the leading chocolate companies concerning the world basis. The external factors which encompass the five forces as postulated by Porter primarily focuses upon the fact that increased competition in the market leading to a formation of one of the major reasons for the growth of the problem thus addressed. Threats of new entrance: The food and beverage industry as it is known is one of the most profit-making industries in the global arena. The new entrances in this industry have to face a lot of struggle to battle up their position in the market with the existing companies. The market penetration, in this case, becomes extremely difficult on their part. The establishment with a growth oriented inclination is complicated. To deal with long-established companies such as Hershey the company needs to make their products exclusive and attractive enough to draw the attention of the customers (Mighty, 2017, p.72). Large procedural methods need to be followed by manufacturing the products. Government policies and regulations need to be fulfilled along with proper certification from the FDA before entering into the chocolate industry. Although the new entrances may not prove to be that strong in terms of the established companies as that of Hershey, but the existing companies do get affected in some aspects to share a compromised sales outcome than in the absence of such companies. Threats of substitute goods: Concerning the current scenario of the market, most of the products especially in the food and beverage industry have an easy substitute available to grab the attention of the customers. The products of chocolate are seen to be replicated both in their packaging as well as contents for deceiving the customers with a comparatively lower cost and feasibility approach. They may not primarily win the faith and trust of the people being all new in the market (Wessel and Quist-Wessel, 2015, p.5). But through the process of extensive promotional strategies and strong marketing plans may be able to establish their place in the market gradually with the passage of time. The more the products become acceptable to the consumers, the greater becomes the threat among the long-established companies such as Hershey. Thus the substitutes in the market tend to have a relatively strong impact on the company under consideration in a negative manner. This also counts as a si gnificant measure for the emerging shortage in the cocoa industry due to the increasing production of diverse agents and companies. Bargain power of suppliers: Hershey is seen to adapt a non-compromising attitude in terms of using products contents for a preparation of their goods. The chocolates produced by this company are primarily known to make use of dairy ingredients as the prime raw material; hence the grade of the products produces becomes high in their standards. The suppliers are found to have a good relationship with the company. This practice tends to set high bars in terms of quality standards maintained by the company which ensures the customers demand and satisfaction (Winders et al. 2016, p.81). Bargain of customers: Due to the high availability of substitute products in the chocolate industry with special emphasis towards chocolate, it can be found that the customers tend to develop a high bargaining attitude among them (Wessel and Quist-Wessel, 2015, p.5). Hershey, however, has been able to overcome this barrier by their marketing strategy of coming up with a wide range of variety of goods and products for their loyal customers. This practice has enabled in surpass the shortcoming posed by the substitute goods. Competitive rivalry within the industry: a tough competitive climate has been evident concerning the chocolate industry. It has been noticed that Hershey has been able to grab the attention of its loyal customers by bringing in innovations in the quality and taste in terms of including new flavours in their wide range of collection (Stuart, 2015, p.32). Hershey is found to lead the industry in terms of production of standard quality products. The rivalry in the market has been a predominant event, although not being able to affect this company adversely. This state of rivalry in the market tends to pose a threat targeting the shortage of chocolate in the world market as it leads to creating pressure upon the cocoa production which is becoming rare in the recent times (Green, 2016, p.45). This event leads to drawing attention towards a global concern which can be addressed by reducing such competition and by minimising the rate of rivalry among companies. Conclusion It can be inferred from the above discussion that proper analysis is necessary to find the areas through which the rising cause of shortage in cocoa production in the world, a market can be fixed through an incorporation of the effective remedy. The PESTEL analysis and the Porters five forces contribute significantly in identifying the internal and the external forces minimising and control which can lead to fixing this problem in the coming years. Reference List Brew, B.A., (2014).Ghanas Prospects of Growth in the Global Economy in Light of Michael E. Porters Model of National Advantage(Doctoral dissertation, University of Ghana). Green, E., (2016). From Extensive to Involutionary Growth: A Dialectic Interpretation of the Boom and Busts of Cocoa Production in the Gold Coast.Journal of Agrarian Change. Harris, B., (2016). Public-Private Partnership Design for Inclusive Cocoa Global Value Chains in Ghana. Horne, P., (2015). Indonesia: From little things big things grow.Partners in Research for Development, (1), p.6. Lebailly, P. and Ahouissou, B., (2015). European directive related to chocolate composition is unfair for the African cocoa planters.EC Agriculture,2(4), pp.384-390 Mighty, M.A., (2017). We Likkle, but We Tallawah: Maintaining Competitive Advantage in the Crowded Specialty Coffee Market.Journal of International Food Agribusiness Marketing,29(1), pp.70-91. Ouya, D., (2014). Village centres to boost cocoa production.Appropriate Technology,41(4), p.29. PICK CALDERN, H.A.N.N.A.H. and NIAVA, L., (2015), October. Redefining the Ivorian Smallholder Cocoa Farmer's Role in Qualitative Research: From Passive Contributions to Passionate Participation. InEthnographic Praxis in Industry Conference Proceedings(Vol. 2015, No. 1, pp. 204-209). Stuart, D.A., (2015). Sustainable Cocoa Production: A Healthy Bean Supply. InChocolate and Health(pp. 28-55). Stuart, D.A., (2015). Sustainable Cocoa Production: A Healthy Bean Supply. InChocolate and Health(pp. 28-55). Wessel, M. and Quist-Wessel, P.F., (2015). Cocoa production in West Africa, a review and analysis of recent developments.NJAS-Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences,74, pp.1-7. Winders, B., Heslin, A., Ross, G., Weksler, H. and Berry, S., (2016). Life after the regime: market instability with the fall of the US food regime.Agriculture and human values,33(1), pp.73-88

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Environmental Pollution Reasons and Consequences Essay Example

Environmental Pollution: Reasons and Consequences Paper Causes of Environmental Pollution Greeting, name, group. Member: Hi everyone I Good morning/ Good afternoon ! My name is From group 1. My group has four members : attention by clip and questions. Everybody ! Do you want to see a clip ? Get the audiences Now, Does anybody know the topic of my team ? ( please raise your hand Thats right ! ) Introduce the name of topic and purpose. As you know, one of the greatest problems that the world Is facing today is that of environmental pollution, Increasing with every passing year and causing grave and reparable damage to the earth.. The mall purpose The length of the presentation and the mall parts ( Our presentation will last In about 20 minutes . There are four parts and each people will present one part) If you have any questions, please feel free to Interrupt me, but I should also say therell be an opportunity to discuss issues at greater length after my talk. Now, lets start the Part l. 2. Body: Part 1: Real Situation: There are three kinds of pollution: Water pollution : In many places, the water quality has been highly degraded; parameters such as BODY, COD and concentrations of NH, N and P have been found to be by many times higher than the permitted levels. Surface water pollution in rivers, lakes, canals and clues continues to Increase.. Coastal water: Pollution from oil, heavy metals and suspended solids has been found to exceed the permitted level In many coastal areas. Land pollution: Land degradation appears to be a prevailing trend throughout the country as a result of erosion, leaching, loss of organic material, droughts, floods, land slides and subsidence, salt intrusion and illumination. We will write a custom essay sample on Environmental Pollution: Reasons and Consequences specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Environmental Pollution: Reasons and Consequences specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Environmental Pollution: Reasons and Consequences specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Soil degradation has exhausted many areas and even led to desertification in some places. The over- and misuse of chemicals and pesticides in agriculture pollute and degrade many areas nationwide. Air pollution: almost cities are polluted dust, many places are polluted dust very serious air pollution serious from gas emissions from factories and Industrial parks Parameters such as CO, ASS,NON have been found to be by many times higher than the permitted levels. With each kind, we have some pictures, figures, examples. Part 2: Reasons and Consequences: Reasons: Water pollution: is usually 2 reasons: Water pollution comes naturally: Due to rain, microorganisms including their corpses. Water pollution comes from artificial origin : from process of toxic waste in liquid form mainly as domestic waste, chemical and industrial waste water, fertilizer and chemical fertilizer or animal waste in agriculture and transports in the seas with oil spill. Soil pollution: The causes of land pollution also include the garbage that is dumped every day, either into the streets, or into ground. Most of the materials like food leftovers, glass, plastic and all kinds of paper re not used up or recycled. Drive through any industrialized city and you will see factories still spewing pollution into the air and onto the land. Factories that produce products made of metal, those making plastics, big animal farms, and even nuclear waste disposal activities are causes of land pollution. With growing human population, demand for food has increased considerably. Farmers often use highly toxic fertilizers and pesticides to get rid off insects, fungi and bacteria from their crops. Land pollution is also caused by deforestation which is the cutting down of Reese industrial waste such as nuclear substances mining and even some forms of mechanization. Air Pollution: Consider a typical manufacturing plant: You will notice that there are long tubes (called chimneys) erected high into the air, with lots of smoke and fumes coming out of it. Waste incinerators, manufacturing industries and power plants emit high levels of carbon monoxide, organic compounds, and chemicals into the air. This happens almost everywhere that people live. After the industrial age, transportation has become a key part of our lives. Emissions from automobile and cars engines contain pollutants. Others are aircraft diesel and railroads. Crop dusting, fumigating homes, household cleaning products or painting supplies, over the counter insect/ pest killers, fertilizer dust emit harmful chemicals into the air and cause pollution. Air becomes polluted with noxious gases or black carbon particulates are released into the air. Consequences of pollution : Humans: pollution is bad for our health it kills millions of people each year who get heart disease, skin diseases , lead poisoning and even some lung problems Animal: Pollution can cause declines in biodiversity ,negatively affects development of marine organisms ,cause the death of fishes ,affect reproductive processes. Trees and plants: Pollution will kill trees ,destroy the leaves of plants ,can alter plant metabolism and reduce crop yields Trees and plants: may absorb soil contaminants and pass them up the food chain. The earth: can ruin our ozone layer , cause the worth s global warming , a harmful greenhouse With this part, we also have some pictures, figures and examples. Part 3: Solution: You have Just followed three parts and I think that you may be understand the problems of environment pollution nowadays. How do we do to protect environment and make it be fresh? It is quite simple and easy. Solution: Reducing waste: reducing waste for instance you can reduce the amount of waste you create by choosing what rubbish you throw away and buy products that can be reused. Moreover , buy products with little packaging especially for those items you before you throw! Reusing waste: reusing waste any items can be re-used, including mobile phones, computers, clothes and so on. Even if you have finished with something, someone else will often be able to use it. Recycling: recycling is processing materials used into new, useful products. Recycling also uses less energy and great way of controlling air, water and land pollution. Planting tree: planting tree is helpful thing. Trees act as natural air filters and improve air quality by trapping CO from the atmosphere and giving us oxygen, and by reducing ozone levels in busy urban areas. Trees also act as natural land erosion shields, by storing water and breaking the impact of rain as it falls. Finally, we must be aware of environmental protection because we are polluters. 3. Conclusion: Summonses: In our presentation, we have presented an overview of the actual situation, the causes, consequences and solutions of environmental pollution nowadays. Recommendation: Our habitat is gradually being destroyed seriously, we need to Join hands to protect and restore it. Before finishing our presentation, I want give you a slogan Save the Environment. Save Life. Thank, Q A: Thank you for attention and Id be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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How to Write When Muse Doesnt Help

How to Write When Muse Doesnt Help There you are. Slamming your brain repeatedly against the keyboard at 1:53am while your loudest â€Å"make ideas happen† music blares from your headphones. Intermittently, you are uploading pictures of your cat to Instagram while cursing the professor who assigned this stupid essay. You are considering selling your soul to the Devil in lieu of a working thesis statement. Don’t make any blood oaths just yet. Even when your brain just doesn’t seem to be making any connections, there are ways to get your ideas flowing and that essay started. With a little creative help and a lot of determination, even the most uninspired essay can turn into a gem. 1. Go Where the People Are In a recent study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, researchers found that ambient noise at around 70 decibels actually improves creative thought. They found that extreme quiet, 50 decibels or lower, impedes the ability to think abstractly since it introduces too much focus into the equation. On the other hand, make sure you don’t go where there is too much noise. The study also showed that noises over 85 decibels, the sound of heavy traffic, is too distracting for creative thinking. So, make sure you go to a coffee shop, not a metal concert. 2. Create an Outline Remember in high school when your teacher forced you to make an outline? It might have seemed like a huge waste of time then, but it’s a great trick to get your essay on the page. In fact, with a good enough outline, half of your paper will already be written for you. In fact, there is a simple 7-step procedure to have an excellent outline that will always get you off to a good essay start. Answer the prompt. In one or two sentences, answer the prompt for the article. This is your thesis statement. It will go at the end of your first paragraph. Write a main sentence for each of your paragraphs. Each paragraph should help to explain what you stated in your thesis. For each paragraph, write one sentence about what that paragraph is going to say. List 2-3 resources for each paragraph. Look at the main sentence for each paragraph. Now, find some resources that prove what you said in that sentence. List them. Now that you have all your paragraphs and thesis statement outlined, you will have some great ideas on how to start writing your essay. By the time you’re finished writing the body, or â€Å"meat,† of your essay, you should have some good ideas on how to write the introduction and conclusion. 3. Set a Timer One of the best ways to get writing when your brain feels like mush is to do a timed writing. Simply set your timer for 5-10 minutes and sit down at your computer. Start writing whatever comes into your head. If you’re working on an essay, write down all the things you know about the subject, or how you feel about it. Whatever you do, don’t stop writing. When you run out of things to say, simply write, â€Å"I don’t know what to say.† Your brain will eventually fill that space with things that can help you connect your ideas with the essay you need to complete. 4. Do Some Research I don’t mean search â€Å"funny cat videos† for two hours. I mean, real research. For example, if your essay needs to be about a current event, go to an online news source and start looking at headlines. Anything that catches your attention is a great place to begin your research. Especially if you’re low on time, research is another area where it’s a good idea to time yourself. Set the clock for one hour and look for concrete evidence to support your ideas. Educational websites (.edu) and governmental websites (.gov) are the most authoritative, so their excellent places to start. Also, make sure that you are citing your source so that you don’t get in trouble for plagiarism. 5. Just Write It In the end, writing an essay is simply about sitting down and doing it. Many authors, essayists, and professional writers don’t wait for inspiration before they put pen to paper. As a student, you can’t wait until inspiration strikes to start your essay. Simply setting aside a time to write and then making it happen is the best way to avoid losing your soul to a college essay assignment.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Video Conferencing For Thronton's Training Department Research Proposal

Video Conferencing For Thronton's Training Department - Research Proposal Example Overall, it is estimated over 11 million business meeting occurring on a daily basis (Verizon, 1999). However, similar study in 2003 indicated that the majority of face-to-face meeting participants believe that meetings are a waste of time (Verizon, 2003). This situation reveals two organizational problems. First, the amount of time that people spend in meetings makes it difficult for them to participate in most of them. Second, it can be difficult to remember what was said or accomplished in each one. These problems arise primarily from how participants attend meetings and how archives of meetings are created for later remembering and information retrieval. As participants are frequently traveling to attend face-to-face meetings, the cost-benefit ratio of attending meetings is also soaring. This in turn gives rise to a feeling of â€Å"wasted time.† Similar situation when too much time, efforts and finances are spent ineffectively occurs with corporate training of personnel at Thronton’s company. Practically, for Thronton’s company yearly cost of corporate personnel training exceeds a million dollars due to traveling and accommodation expenses for hundreds managers. Global trainers are brought to Thronton’s training center in Kentucky two times per year to ensure that qualifications of company’s employees are current and adequately correspond to Thronton’s business needs. The training and development at Thronton’s is conducted in the several areas that are critical for any type of business, particularly: In addressing the need to provide wider access to professional development and offer a more flexible form of training, Thronton’s company should develop a three-year training and development strategy addressed entirely through videoconferencing technology, particularly desktop video conference (DVC) as a main method on delivering