Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Advertisements Essay -- Essays Papers

Advertisements Advertisements are everywhere. Whether it is a magazine, billboard, television or radio, ads attempt to catch people’s eyes from all over. An advertisement uses many different aspects in order to entice its possible consumers. In a commercial for Thermasilk hair products, the product craved attention; therefore the advertiser used a popular song to hook the viewers. The ad continues on with its temptations to reel in consumers by expressing a well-known desire of many women: to have the perfect head of hair. Today, not many people are satisfied with what they have, therefore they strive for what they do not already obtain. The ad pledges to viewers that by using Thermasilk products, they must not just â€Å"Blow DRY† their hair, instead they should â€Å"Blow Beautiful.† The ad emphasizes that Thermasilk products will improve the hair’s beauty. Looking good in today’s world is an important aspect that includes hair in its approach to superior fashio n. The advertiser uses popular music and an appealing saying in order to interest women who want the hair they do not have. With style and emotional appeals, including the need for attention, for prominence and the need to achieve, this Thermasilk ad lures in viewers in the attempt to stimulate feelings in their minds. In â€Å"Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals,† by Jib Fowels, he relies on style to add to the emotional appeals that illustrate advertisements. The advertiser used a stylistic approach to increase the attention the ad receives. As a means to support his use of style along with emotional appeals, Fowels states, â€Å"[r]oughly fifteen percent of all advertisements incorporate a celebrity, almost always from the fields of entertainment or sports.† This other grouping of... ...and helps guide them towards their desired status. Fowels believes â€Å"[a]s time has gone by, buyers have become stoutly resistant to advertisements.† In order to surpass this skepticism of advertisements, it is an advertiser’s responsibility to renew that belief to increase the awareness of ads. This Thermasilk advertisement invokes feelings of recognition, importance and persistence in their viewers in order to captivate their audience. In attracting their audience, the ad also attempts to slip a memory of the advertisement into their minds and noticeably attracts people who are not completely satisfied with their looks and image. Works Cited: Fowels, Jib. â€Å"Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals.† Common Culture: Reading and Writing About American Pop Culture. Ed. Michael Petracca and Madeline Sorapure. 4th ed. New Jersey: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 1993. 78-96.

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