Monday, July 29, 2019

Discuss the concept of the sustainable development and the component Essay

Discuss the concept of the sustainable development and the component of a sustainable development approach to environmental policy - Essay Example anagement need to go together and are not mutually exclusive (Pezzey, 1992).It has become widely accepted that development strategies of countries aimed at economic growth and poverty alleviation need to consider the state of the natural resources in these nations also since future growth depends on this. The concept of sustainable development has gained particular importance due to the growing concern on climate change and associated environmental issues all over the world. Consequently, sustainable development has become an integral part if the environmental policy of governments and businesses. In this essay, the concept of sustainable development, its importance and guiding principles as well as the component of sustainable development approach to environment policy are discussed. This essay is organized as follows. Section 2 discusses the context of sustainable development, section 3 discusses the guiding principles and importance of sustainable development, Section 4 discusses the sustainable development approach to environmental policy in detail. Section 5 concludes the essay. The selfish man made activities without considering the environmental impact has been an issue of great concern from the ancient days. This has been worsened by rapid industrial development, population growth and technological innovations (Liu, 2002). The main consequences of the industrial development included resource depleting, energy intensive and pollutant generating activities and redistribution of important substances in natural environment like carbon, sulphur, heavy metals and chlorine generated by fossil fuel burning, underground mines and thermal process respectively. The main greenhouse gases are water vapour, CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and halocarbons (IPCC,2007a).Among these, though water vapour is the main contributor to greenhouse gas effect, , the rise in water vapour is not directly a man made activity (IPCC, 2007a). Rise in CO2, which contributes

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